Quality Plastics have also been made the Exclusive Distributors by Enerplastic LLC, who are manufacturers of masterbatch, compounds, and additives, and these are supplied in both bulk and small quantities by Quality Plastics in Tanzania. Our products are categorized as "Long Service Life" and are therefore disposed of less often. All of our products are 100% recyclable and made of food safe materials and colorants.

Environmental Concerns:
We at
Quality Plastics Ltd, pledge to constantly search for new and better ways to improve our environment and help reduce waste and pollution that continually threaten our ecosystem. All of our scraps, used plastics, wrapping materials are recycled. None of these materials are deposited in landfills.

Future Plans:
Strive for Customer Satisfaction in quality, price and timely service, by introducing various plastic products for our various diverse markets time and again. We will struggle to keep abreast with the ever changing new technology and products.